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14th June 2017 - No Comments!


Excited to share a project I've co-written the music for with George Fenton. It's been an honour to work with Ken Loach on this and it's a great campaign! Going out as part of the party political broadcast on BBC 1, ITV, Channel 4 #WeDemand

5th June 2017 - No Comments!

Brass Recording at Air Lyndhurst

Wednesday was a day of great fun this week. A whole day spent recording brass for Cavendish Music. I'd written some Big Band music for the morning and enjoyed conducting the symphonic (huge) brass section for more pieces I'd written in the afternoon. Was a good opportunity to dust off the baton (see picture below)!

Air Lyndhurst Hall a wonderful studio to work in, with a terrific acoustic. This with the marvellous Jake Jackson recording, some of the best brass players in the world, and having some friends present made for a very good day. I can't wait to hear the recordings in their glory!  Thanks to Arun, Taz, Jake, Nick, Chris, Amy and all the musicians for such a wonderful day

Cinematic brass recording at Air Lyndhurst Hall today! Sounds huge! #Brass

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