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3rd May 2018 - No Comments!

Laurent Dury – Cinematic Elegance

In December I was thrilled to orchestrate and conduct this album of lovely music by composer Laurent Dury. It was a pleasure to work with Laurent and record the music with some of the best musicians in the world at Abbey Road Studio 2. A huge thanks to Cavendish Music and Laurent for having me involved.

The music is available to listen at Cavendish Music

Laurent Dury

3rd May 2018 - No Comments!

Cinephonic & Vintage Latin Brass

Tracks that I recorded with Cavendish Music at Air Lyndhurst Studios are now available for licence and listening.

There were two albums that I contributed to. One was Vintage Latin Brass with a big band and the other was Cinephonic Brass with a symphonic brass ensemble. We later recorded strings for this album in Budapest via satellite. It was a terrific day of recording with the wonderful Jake Jackson on the desk and you can hear some of the results below, mixed by the talented Taz Mattar at Cavendish music.